Watch closely & you would notice, Layhan is everywhere ^v^


lay’s reaction when luhan gives him a unicorn plushie | do not reupload

layhan thingsalways being there for each other
when yixing cries, luhan is the first to comfort him. when luhan cries, yixing is the first to go over and comfort him. these two are always there for each other, always looking out for each other, standing by each other’s side and supporting each other when they need it the most. and i’m sure, that even though they’re seperated by distance now, they’ll still be there for each other, even if only when it comes to the little things ♥


Shanghai 140718


Shanghai 141018


ABC’s of Layhan

H ➸ Hand holding 

141018 SM Town Concert @ Shanghai

That’s such a misleading fancam name because what I saw wasn’t “Lonely No More Lay”. What I saw was a mixture of loneliness and sadness in the Lay without Luhan. What I saw was Lay trying hard to smile for his fans. What I saw was even Donghae couldn’t cheer Lay up. What I saw was Lay couldn’t keep his head up and couldn’t stick to anyone in the sea of people. What I saw was emptiness depicted in the last gif. 

ABC’s of Layhan

I In their own world


I’m gonna miss those memories, when everything still be okay.
No painful, no sadness, I just feel empty.

Be Brave Luhan, Be Strong YiXing, Be Okay, all of you.

A letter for Yixing and Luhan (LAYHAN)


Zhang Yixing.. it must been very hard for you.

The rocky pathway you’ve walked through, the stormy days you’ve struggled with.. Those tears, sweats, wounds you had to wipe away alone..

You’ve been run this far and never looked back, never complained a single word. You’ve reached this success….